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Journal Publications

Scanlan, AT; Wen, N; Pyne, DB.; Stojanović, E; Milanović, Z; Conte, D; Vaquera, A; Dalbo, VJ
Power-related determinants of modified Agility T-test performance in male adolescent basketball players
Scanlan, AT; Wen, N; Guy, H; Elsworthy, N; Lastella, M; Pyne, DB; Conte, D; Dalbo, VJ
The Isometric Midthigh Pull in basketball: an effective predictor of sprint and jump performance in male, adolescent players
Scanlan, AT; Wen, N; Spiteri, T; Milanovic, Z; Conte, D; Guy, JH; Delextrat, A; Dalbo, VJ
Dribble deficit: a novel method to measure dribbling speed independent of sprinting speed in basketball players
Wen, N; Dalbo, VJ; Burgos, B; Pyne, DB; Scanlan, AT
Power testing in basketball: current practice and future recommendations
Scanlan, AT; Wen, N; Tucker, PS; Borges, NR; Dalbo, VJ
Training mode's influences on the relationships between training-load models during basketball conditioning
Scanlan, AT; Wen, N; Kidcaff, A; Berkelmans, D; Dalbo, VJ
Generic and sport-specific reactive agility tests assess different qualities in court-based team sport athletes
Scanlan, AT; Wen, N; Tucker, PS; Dalbo, VJ
The relationships between internal and external training load models during basketball training

Conference Presentations

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